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Firebrand Recording is a professional recording studio in St. Louis, MO owned and operated by Brian Scheffer and Nelson Jones. We’ve twice had the honor of being named St. Louis’ best recording studio by the RFT in their 2008 and 2010 Best Of issues. We cater to independent artists and bands who are looking to make a great sounding record in a comfortable and relaxed environment. We specialize in music, but we also record voice-over for local businesses and can likely meet any other audio production needs you may have. The studio offers digital and analog recording, an extensive selection of recording equipment, and a large instrument and amplifier collection for artist use. The control room and recording rooms were designed for optimum quality by acoustics expert Bryan Pape, the Lead Acoustic Engineer at GIK Acoustics. Given our experience, the affordable rates, quality of equipment, design of the rooms, and the care and attention we give every project, we feel confident in calling ourselves the best deal in St. Louis. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of great bands from around town and we’d like to continue that tradition and make your record!

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